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The Best Answers from The 131 Preview Interviews!

The last few 131 Preview Reviews have been met by... Challenges. 

I understand that life happens on all sides, but if an Interview is not confirmed, and reconfirmed days prior, even if only 2 days, I will not run with the work. That has been the case for the last few weeks, fortunately, Authors like Will Van Stone Jr and Eri Nelson, were in the wings to save my ass. This week however, was not the case. So I am on to saving my own ass, and I hope to reschedule with this weeks missed opportunity. As it was rather good.

But not to be one to ever lack for content, This week I give you a recap of sorts. I've gone through my Interviews and pulled some off the best responses I've had... So Far!... Enjoy!


       " ...for me it is the blank page that inspires me. There are infinite possibilities awaiting your fingertips when you are before a blank page".-- Dark Primal Paranormal Fantasy Author Eri Nelson: -On being asked where her inspiration stems from. 

    "I've worked with two publishers and enjoyed the experience but I'm a firm believer in self-publishing now and think that's the way forward. I love being in control of my own work. 
I think indie authors receive a lot of bad press (and yes, I agree, a great deal of it is justified) but I've discovered some wonderful writers and enjoy helping and supporting them in return for all the help and support I've received from them.-- Author Lyn Sofras-- Views on Indy Vs Traditional Publishing

         "My favorite time of the year! I have decorations up all year round!!!  My latest addition (per hubby's request) is "uncle Sid", a life-sized zombie prop we got out of the Halloween store last year. Took me a while to get used to it being in our living room. but even still, I always look at it as I pass by it, lol. There's a female zombie he wants to get too, but we'll have to wait until the stores open up again for the season... argh!--Author Cinsearae S.-- On her decorating sense and love of Halloween.

        "I Googled all my research for both books and continue to do so for the third. As for the crime scenes... I put myself into the scene and experienced what they should look like. I also depended on my real life identical twin for help in keeping the twinship connection real. My brother and I became the twins in the book--it was a horrific experience, but necessary for realism.--Author Mitt Winstead-- On Realism in Evil In the Mirror.

       "...I am usually most moved by single moments... it's always one little moment that ends up really impacting me... I always get these ideas about these little moments that are just saturated emotionally and that's where these stories are coming from.            
            I want these stories to be sort of the deep flow beneath the still waters of these little things that happen all around us, all the time.--M. Glenn Hedden-- On his approach of The Silent Bell and other Stories.

         "...each sister does have a shield... since food is such a big part of people lives and it can also be someone's escape. It was fitting that Holiday would love to cook. She wants to be a good wife. And what do most women think a good wife is? Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids..--Author Solease M Barner--On character quirks and expanding our waist lines with Holiday's Feasts

           "I wanted to write fantasy that dealt with everyday life, with real world issues,...where human sexuality is presented as a natural and positive thing.... I want Autumn Harvest to be something that people of many orientations and from a variety of different contexts can appreciate as writing, relate to as social commentary, and find sexy. Too often, the stories with characters I like and relate to shy away from explicit sex, I assume for fear of offending someone or reducing their marketability, and yet every detective movie has strip club in it.--Author and Game Developer Tof Eklund- About Sex and the Woman's Role in the Fantasy Genera.

       "I'm all for some kind of rating system... it would mean no censorship or government involvement in the creative process.... feel free to assign an NC-17 to my stories. Include a breakdown warning of the Strong Sexual Content, Adult Language, and Graphic Violence. I support that. But don’t dare tell me "oh, you can’t write that" cause fuck you, I'm doing it."--Author Will Van Stone Jr- Response to censorship and ratings for books.

If you've enjoyed these samples from my list of Awesome Writers don't forget to check out the full Interviews, Reviews of their works and their Google Plus Profiles Below!!

A Rant From The Creator of The 131 Preview Review

        Since The 131's inception I have read some really great works, and some that were a struggle because they were outside of my comfort genera. But I said yes to them all as they came to me. From Women's Literary FictionShort StoriesCompilations,  and Murder Mystery to Satirical Horror, and Dark Primal Paranormal Fantasy, I have embraced them all. Putting in my time, working through migraines, and life. 

            Like all of us, I hope to do a service to Indy Authors, without asking for anything in return but the means to promote them. The response has been Awesomely Huge. By the third Preview Review I found myself booked through May!

           I was ecstatic to see such an embracing  of my baby... But with this comes some dilemmas,  problems if you will of working through the internet and making scheduled Time. These Issues are...


           I will not post a review without an interview, and if I do not get a confirmation before an interview, I will not be present for that interview. This is explained within my first contact with all 131 Preview Review Query Responses. I ask that I am given ample time if there is an issue and a reschedule is required. I apologize if this seems rude, but if this were an interview for a job, and a conformation was ignored, for any reason, the interview space would be filled by the next available client. It is in this respect that I work, and I do this for free. But my time like yours is segmented around my life. I book ahead, and if an appointment is missed, I will try to slot you in where I have an opening, which will be have to be a future time, as I am booked out. So please, if you are or hope to be a 131 Preview Review Client, take this into consideration, both for yourself and I. But most importantly for our Readers! 

This commences my rant.

Happy Writing!

S.I. Hayes

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