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The 131 Preview Review Has a Chat with Erotic Romance Author Ms. Arlene Valle!

The 131 P&R id Pleased to Welcome Arlene Valle 

Arlene Valle backpacked through Europe at the age of 22. She is a Canadian now living in Ohio. She has worked in IT for a Fortune 500 company. She is now divorced with one child. Valle Loves animals and is a board member of local garden club. She likes to paint in oils, pastels, and charcoal.

Firstly let me finally welcome you to the 131 Preview Review, it took us some time to finally get here, and I am glad that we can finally chat bout ARRANGED!

Arlene: That's great. I can't believe I get to chat about the novel. These characters and the places seem all so real to me. In a good way.

            Well they are pretty sweet; tell me why did you make Sam a Nymphomaniac? Was it just to drive the erotic nature of the story or was it an interest?

Arlene: Wow, I can't say for sure. I don't have one good logical reason why. It was going to be called Hollywood Nymph. A woman trying to get into show business and the men in her lives, but then the plot in my head changed and I still wanted her to be sex driven in her immediate choices. Mainly just the erotic nature, not an interest.
            Well, wow, talk about a turn of events in plot! LOL. It's funny when a story takes on its own life. I have that happen often.

Arlene: Sometimes it just happens doesn't it?
            Yes it does. What was one of the more memorable scenes for you to write?

Arlene: One of my fav chapters to write was when Sam and Jim went on the cruise to Isla Coche. Also loved the acupuncture scene. When I would read it over very softly it started to relax me. lol

            I noticed in your bio that you spent considerable time in your youth traveling, though mostly through Europe, what made you go tropical in your settings?

Arlene: My IE Homepage is Yahoo and I love reading lots of the news stories. There was one on Los Rogues, an island in the Caribbean. From browsing that it took me to Isla de Margarita, and I started checking it out on the internet. I fell in love with the island. I don't know why myself, but I just loved it and its location. It is a mysterious draw to the island and the people. Then it gets better.
            On one of the websites there was a Canadian flag hangin on the outside of the posada. There was a name and an email address and I decided to take a chance and email him and ask him questions about the island. Things I couldn't find doing research. To my surprise he emailed me back right away. We talked about Canada and the fact that he has lived on the island for a considerable number of years.

            Too cool, nothing like finding a kindred spirit when you need one!
Arlene: He was more than gracious in answering any and all of my questions. I was in heaven. What could be better than that. But the history and location of the island just kept drawing me in, and I knew that's where the setting had to be!
            Well you surly captured the heat and beauty, for a first time novelist I have to say that you paint a beautiful picture! Of course the fact that you actually paint may have something t do with that!

Arlene:            Maybe, but I don't think I did the island and the people justice. I'm glad you liked it. Wow, right now I am speachless. That is a very nice compliment. Thank you.

            You've earned it. I have found that most Erotica is just about the sex, with little story or reason, characters just *poof* fall head over heels and there's little conflict. Your work is full of conflicts. I liked that.

Arlene: Thank you. I didn't want to write 'sex fluff' I wanted the characters to be mature, and although we don't have their problems and situations, I think you can relate better if the characters have more 'grown-up ' situations. I didn't want 22yr old crazy assed men. Not that I don't like reading other peoples stories. I just don't want to write that kind of stuff myself.
            I understand, as adults we should be writing adult characters... There is too much YA out there giving unrealistic expectations. It was refreshing to read actually adult characters. Is it true that writing wasn't always something you wanted to do?

Arlene:  I just thought it was something that never would happen. Sort of like wishing for a pony when you were a kid and not understanding the reasons why it wasn't going to happen. I have been in IT since graduating High School. I only started writing after being down-sized. Suddenly you have the time to do it ! But I have some wicked stuff I could turn into a book, but it is about my marriage. I kept a journal for many years. The problem is I could never write it myself. It is too painful. I am just too close to it in this instance.

            Well don't toss the um, one day you may be ready!

Arlene: No, I won't

            You are currently working on a intermittent novel to fill in the 7 year gap in ARRANGED, how's that shaping up?

Arlene: I think it's going to be great. Just my opinion of course. But it will show a deeper relationship between Sam and Jim a lot of Sam's earlier life will be explained with some new characters. Some people may not have liked it, but the reader didn't really know a lot about Samantha in the book. This will definitely solve that problem. Plus Ryan, Reid's younger son will find a love interest. the sequel will have a lot of truths and reality as does Arranged. Plus the readers are going to get to know another country. Costa Rica. As you know Venezuela right now is always in the news and I love putting truths into the fictional story.

            Fantastic! I would love to read it when it's done!

Arlene: I will make sure you are one of the firsts.

            Well Thank You! You're road to publishing... Is it an independent press or are you with a traditional Publisher?
Arlene: Ha neither. I went with the horrid and hated Vanity press. but I have a good reason why. I submitted to Elora's Cave, They are close to me and that would have been perfect. They sent a rejection email. I decided to ask why (I'm starting to get brave now) and she replied explaining what they felt was wrong with it for their company. I found it very helpful, and immediately re-vamped and of course had to amp-up the sex. Tough job but I had to do it. lol Then I decided I could do this for a year, and just get rejections and I really wanted to get it published, so I went the vanity way. I don't regret it for a first time author at all. It was a good experience and I am happy with the result.

            I understand Vanity Presses can be quite costly... Is the cost worth the return and will you be using the same press for the next works you publish?
Arlene: I don't feel it was costly at all after hearing around the 'Twitter vine" what people pay for editing, covers, printing etc. The only thing I am not getting is a big return on my investment, but I realized right up front that this wasn't going to make me rich. It would be nice, but I know better. I truly had no idea how many erotic romance writers there are out there, and becasuse of this day and age, they are not just from the US. As far as using them again, I am not sure. They are under the umbrella of some big well known publishers and I would love to be accepted by them, but there is a caveat to that, actually a big one. If a publisher really likes your work, you are expected to PRODUCE a lot of material. More than I think I could handle. What I have found in reading other authors novels, is that they have a tendency to become repetative in words, scenes and situations, almost as if they pulled it from a previous book, and I didn't want to get like that. Self publishing certainly does give you the best return on your money also.

            Well it certainly is cheap! The marketing aspect can be elusive though.

Arlene: Would you be willing to tell me the average rough price to publish a novel book and e-book done complete out the door?

            $0.00 If you work through Amazon and or Smashwords. Those are the two I work with.
But in doing that you become totally responsible for all aspects of your work. Writing, editing, cover creation, formatting... But you can always pay people for that. (except the writing part of course!) Personally I prefer to do it all my self.
            You told us in your guest post that you are working on paranormal piece, would you like to tell us a bit about that?
Arlene: I was fully involved with my creations. That's why I loved it. I was in control of the size of the book, small details of each chapter. The cover. I picked the picture, but it had a white background and asked for it to be black. Never a word from them it was just done. Even the editing. Words were explained on the side so I wouldn't make the mistake again. Plus I got to reject a change they wanted to make. I still feel the book was ALL my creation...

Arlene: Sure. Here's where things change gear.
            I was thinking about making this a YA novel. Try my hand at no sex scenes, but still a love story. I think most writers put a small if not insignificant piece of their own life or reality into their stories, and mine will be no exception. It will be about two young teachers and a house they purchase together. The possible name of the story will be 'Bell Mansion'.
            As the adage goes, "Write what you know! As pertains to the part of yourself and life into the work. YA is a real turn from the first work, and I understand you twist up even more, as your also working on a Children's book? That's a lot of HATS! How do you plan to wear them all?
Arlene: The children's book was the first one. It is pretty much done. That's what got me started in the first place. I spent the summer raising 4 motherless raccoons wee babies and after completing the rearing I thought I should tell my story. A children's book was the logical way of appealing to people. I even got an illustrator. Happened upon him in my local paper. He is from here and was mentioned in the paper about moving to Florida and starting his career. Bravely I called his mother and asked for his email. He provided me with drawings plus I will add my own photos. Then Twilight came along and FSOG and I got sidetracked.

            *Shudder* Not a Twilight Saga Fan...

Arlene: No absolutely not but...

            But if that hack could do it.... LMFAO

Arlene: I read the snippit on Amazon and that's what I thought exactly. I saw it as very simple writing, no flourishes at all, and I decided if she can do it in the evenings after kids are in bed??? Why can't I? It was all too simple. Sorry I have a hard time getting into Vampires I always have too many questions.

            No word mincing here! I won't compare your work to any of that.... I think that it's going to be a long fun ride for you in the writing world. I can not knock the Vampires I've had a penchant for them since reading Dracula in the 2nd grade, one of my own published works, Awakenings: The Wrath Saga is ADULT, but Paranormal as to Vamps, Weres and all the other bumps under the bed in the dark nights!

            But I surely know what you mean about the questions! What for you draws you into a tale? What makes for a good story to you?
Arlene: I read one this year that I liked, but I seem to think of them as real, and I am thinking...they are going to his big house. How did he pay for it? Does he pay taxes? How did he buy a car? Where is his money coming from. Stupid things like that, but I did like the love story. I will look for yours. lol
            I'd be happy to gift you a copy if you like through Smashwords!

Arlene: For me a good story is when I can put myself in one of the characters place. When there is a bit of reality thrown in. Plus I do like historical love stories. Gifting is nice...thanks
            Not a problem! Into the Historical... You might like my WIP "Centuries of Blood" then. It starts n Glastonbury England, just after the death of Jane Seymour, but I stay away from the courtly stuff and focus on the more rural area. It is a vamp book, but also a huge love story.
I'm always working on something, do you work from one tale to the next or do you find yourself bouncing between stories?
Arlene: I don't tell many people but when I see pictures of England and the countryside especially, I have a feeling I have lived there before. An eerie feeling. I am all over the place. I keep a journal by my bed. Some nights I can't sleep and some nights my brain starts talking dialogue and I have to get up and write it down, or I will forget it by morning. I do some of my best work sitting on the edge of my bed with a ballpoint pen. lol Sometimes ideas and phrases just come to me and I am off in a different direction. I also have a sexy love story that so many readers love. I hope this hasn't already been done. A young tv writer in NY meets an English handsome actor named Henry and it goes crazy from there.

            I'm enticed.... And even if it's been done, it hasn't been done by you which is the important thing!
            Your travels in your youth... Will they ever find their way into your pages? I can see something developing on a hovercraft...
Arlene: I don't think so. The hovercraft across the English Channel was amazing, so much fun and so big. I must say we met some aahh.. interesting people. I am blushing, just thinking about some of the things we did. Here is a photo of the first man we met. He was on our flight to London, and after we landed he approached us and asked if we needed a tour guide. He was really nice. Don't know if something like this could happen today though.

(Photo omitted to protect the innocent, and down right guilty!)
Well you know that's the 70's.. ish!! LOL!!  So you can always take the setting back to the hey day!!
Arlene: You got it !!! lol
            I would read it, I like reading about times before I was born! 60's and 70's are hot now so you could probably make a killing.... Hmm. Any thoughts of sashaying in to mystery further? Seeing as you dabble a bit in ARRANGED!
Arlene: Never thought of that. But if I did try to write it. Would it be called an historical novel?? lol

            No, I think you gotta go back like 50 years for that! But what do I know!
Arlene: WTH it is ALMOST 50 yrs !!

Is it.... nahh... LOL.
Anything else you would like to share with my readers of the Wee hours before we bring our interview to it's close? A blurb, thought advice?
Arlene: In the course of writing this story. I have encountered approx. 7 unbelievable coincidences. Each time I discovered something, I realized I had it pegged correctly in my story. I decided to call that fate. Fate that I had to write this story and that it would find an audience. I hope it will. I absolutely loved writing it. I also hope people will enjoy the sequel. I think it will be exciting and completely different, while still feeling like people are now getting the whole story. I believe in fate even though it has brought me personal tragedy. I feel so sorry for first time authors. If you do not find you niche almost immediately it can be a long row to hoe. I really appreciate you giving me this opportunity to talk about the book and my work. I could go on and talk about every chapter and why it is the way it is. Your review was beyond my expectations and I so appreciate it. I know you understand what a good review can do for you. thanks again Arlene

            Well thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! It has been fun, and as for Unbelievable Coincidences... You were certainly meant to be here on the 131 P&R... On 1-31-13 you published ARRANGED, the 131 went live and I turned 31!! Talk about your winning numbers!!
Arlene: Unbelievable. Thanks again!

            HAAHA ! You’re so welcomeUntil Next Time My Readers of the Wee Hours!


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