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Let's Have a Green Beer with #Author T.J.Loveless

The 131 Preview Review Welcomes Back 

Author T.J. Loveless

Born in Anchorage, I've lived ... well ... everywhere. From the Arctic Circle to a block from the beaches in Florida. I speak fluent Arkansas Hillbilly, make a mean gumbo, can sew when necessary and am a whiz at packing. 
Life's unexpected twists and turns have led me down paths from shoveling water to build roads, correctional officer at a men's maximum security unit, to helping do the research and co-authoring the scientific paper regarding dyslexia and genetic inheritance. I've met a lot of wonderful people along the way, and a few I'd prefer to forget. But always grateful for what I learned.
I'm also a copy/content editor, and found I love helping a story idea turn into a book, ready to be distributed to those that need the story. I enjoy helping others in their journey, even as I continue on mine. So many things to learn!
You'll generally find a Muse snuggled to my hip, the other one laying across my shoulders and Editor Kitty staring at the screen, waiting for the red ink to make an appearance. Once it does, he lays across the keyboard purring.
The family brags about the latest compromising position I've been found in, trying to figure out how to truly describe "legs all akimbo" or if falling on the couch could truly land a body in a certain position. They ignore my yelling at characters on the computer screen, and are forgiving when I accidentally write past the time for them to eat. It's one way of teaching the teenager to cook ...
Welcome back

I made it, yay!

Yes u did
So we're back here to talk a bit about Odd Number 5, the second in your Fortune Cookie Series.

Tonya J Loveless
Yup  I heard you liked it 

YES!! I snorted my way through it!
You have a great knack for comedy

Tonya J Loveless
Thank you  Mostly it's what makes me giggle or laugh.
Hence the farting unicorn ...

And the flower pot tossing fairy godmother!

Tonya J Loveless
I was snorting with laughter when I wrote that!

For those who haven't read The first book Lucky Number 6, we met Verna the not-so-typical Fairy God mother and Mericai <-sp? The cantankerous Rainbow farting unicorn who found themselves stranded in New Orleans at Mardi Gras with no way back to the enchanted forest.

Tonya J Loveless

I need better hooked on phonics.. LOL

Tonya J Loveless
Who doesn't?!


Tonya J Loveless
I rely on spellcheck, although most of the time it's just telling me "Dude I have no idea what you meant that time ..."

I've certainly taught my computer far more words than it helps me with.

Tonya J Loveless
LOL Exactly. Okay .. back on track 

So now we're into the second book and things are more interesting... A leprechaun that looks like Gerald Butler??? REALLYY C'mon... Lmfao
He's a tornado with legs!

Tonya J Loveless
LMAO!! Yes, he is! UGH, he was such a PITA (pain in the ass) ... but I researched leprechauns, and believe it or not, until they cutsied them up in the Victorian era, that is how these particular brand of fae were perceived.
And let's face it ... Gerard Butler. Need I say more?

No, not really...  The Bar Brawl was an awesome bit o' Irish Touch

Tonya J Loveless
That was based on an experience I had when I was younger (like 20 years ago younger LOL) and visiting NOLA during Mardi Gras LOL

This one takes place aright around St. Paddy's which couldn't be more fitting, you plan them all this way or does it just sorta happen like that.?

Tonya J Loveless
No they are all planned around holidays. Unlucky Number Four, which I'm writing now, is during July 4th celebrations. Murphy (as in Murphy's Laws) is in NOLA ...

Oh boy!! Will each book start or stop with a bar crawl?
Cuz your 2 for 2

Tonya J Loveless
Unlucky Number Four doesn't *G* There is a pretty big spin on this one, and some huge surprises. I had to let everyone think it is predictable *G*

Will we be finding out just what's up with the Chinese food Resturant??

Tonya J Loveless
Yes, you will in Unlucky Number Four, but it doesn't tell the whole story. You'll also get a taste of history in it, and learn a little why NOLA is involved.

Awesome!! I love the mix of fantasy with some "real" roots in the now and then, makes me get more invested. How have you managed to balance it so far?

Tonya J Loveless
It's a little tough, and requires quite a bit of research. Sometimes it is tempting to jump all the way into fantasy, but then the little books wouldn't work.
So I try to keep it as contemporary as possible instead, adding in bits and pieces of fantasy.

You seem to be on target thus far. Kudos for that.  You have also in the second book expanded on Mark, the love interest for Tiffy the main character. Adding in a bit of romance, was that a hard balance for you?

Tonya J Loveless
Oh goodness YES! I'm not a romance writer, but they seem to have a subplot going on. It also helps push the overarching plot along, as well as the characterizations

It's alot of characters to keep track of, do you have a little place where you keep track of everyone? I imagine a wall with thread all over the place like a police station bulletin board!! LOL

Tonya J Loveless
LOL!! That is basically what it looks like on the document I have open for it. I have to keep track, because of all of the characters. ALthough after Unlucky Number Four, there won't be any new characters. It goes into trying to discover what is happening with the crew and why.

Cool, I don't think I would be able to remember any more character names!!!

Tonya J Loveless
LMAO Exactly. Anymore, and it would be to complicated to keep up with. So now we are getting into the meat, which is why Tiff & Crew? Why NOLA? Can they stop it? Will things ever be normal?

Will life ever be normal again!!!   Why or Why have you gone down this lengthy path of a series, did you start it for someone or did it just pop in your head one day and never go away

Tonya J Loveless
No. It actually started as an idea when I talked to an author who only wrote novellas. It was a challenge for myself. I write pretty dark full length novels, and I needed a break from it. So ... one day, I sat down, and decided I wanted funny, quirky, a little out there ...
It took another six months to create The Fortune Cookie Diaries
and it hasn't stopped. All of them are pretty much outlined, I know what the ending for every book is, and what needs to happen.
Just a matter of making time to write them and get them out there.

Yes, You've just recently Released Fractured Steel, correct? Wanna tell us a bit about that?

Tonya J Loveless
Yes, I released Fractured Steel on February 15. It's a darkly emotional read. There's espionage, betrayal, injuries and scars, but it is really about trying to find a way to get through another day.
To live with what happens to you, and accept the bad days, to find a reason to keep going.

Is this a stand alone novel or part of a series as well?

Tonya J Loveless
It's sort of a series. Each novel is stand alone, but there is a constant theme through all three - each have individual stories, different cast of characters.

And this is which book?

Tonya J Loveless
The next one is Twisted Iron - Aiden's story. Although it is also a thriller, there is romance in this one, and no espionage ...

Tonya J Loveless
And the final book is Shattered Gold, although I don't have a clear picture of that one yet.

hmm, I'm going to have to check them out. I enjoyed Going Thru Hell, which was darker than the Fortune Cookie Diaries. Are these more rooted in "reality" or is there some paranormal twisting?

Tonya J Loveless
No paranormal twisting in these. And Fractured Steel is a LOT darker than Going Thru Hell - which Riot is on deck to be written and out by this summer.

Oh? I'll definitely be looking to get my hands on that one. 

Tonya J Loveless
LOL I've been told to put a warning label on Fractured Steel, but the blurb on it kind of says all it needs to.

(runs to read blurb)

Tonya J Loveless
Make sure to read the reviews! *shouting through hands at you*

A soldier's tale.... I could get into that.
yes that's all I brought back with me to tell them. HAHHAha

Tonya J Loveless

I do love the cover for it.
Isn't Pretty??

Tonya J Loveless
It's on sale this month for 1.99 ... so hopefully people will pick it up and read. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cover.
I want that as a tat up my spine ...

The spine hurts, quite a bit. (exp)Not so much on the lower back but closer to the neck... Yowzers.. LOL.

Tonya J Loveless
Yeah, I know. But it would so be worth it for that as a tattoo ...

 I could see that... It would look really cool

Tonya J Loveless
I told Hubby and he was like, "You'll forget about me as you sleep with Prince Valium until it heals ..."
I cracked up laughing.

LMFAO... it rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again...
Sorry flash back.

Tonya J Loveless
LOL!! I just have to find the right tat artist to do it. I'm searching Denver ...

When we chatted to set up this little shin dig, I had asked if you might have an excerpt from Unlucky Number 4, were you able to pull something for my readers?

Tonya J Loveless
Yes, I do! 
In Unlucky Number Four, you get to know Janet, and learn a lot more about Tiffany.

YAY!! Character Developments!!

Tonya J Loveless
Of course! The world through Janet's eyes is quite a bit different from everyone else's. She has a few surprises up her designer sleeves.

One should hope! I liked her from the first book, but she seemed to fall to secondary in the second it'll be good to see her back up front

Tonya J Loveless
Mark kind of had to take center stage in Odd Number Five, but most of Unlucky is Janet's POV, while Mark and Tiff take a back seat.

Yeah, so they can be all smoochy... LOL

Tonya J Loveless
LMAO How'd you guess?!

LOL... CUZ It'd be about damn time! The tension between them is killer

Tonya J Loveless
LOL! Again, on purpose. Now comes the hot and steamy. BAHAHAHA

Yeah.. Promises Promises

Tonya J Loveless
LMAO Oh it won't become erotica - I have a huge fanbase that likes TFCD because it doesn't do the erotica, but there are finally some barriers taken down between the two ...

There's nothing wrong with flowers in bloom, and rockets red glare... Hey you said 4th of july.. LOL

Tonya J Loveless
ROFL! I'm so going to have to use that ...

Just remember where to give the credit.. LOL
I'll take a link in the ebook. 

Tonya J Loveless

I've got a rad little web site. 

Tonya J Loveless
Will definitely do link you 

Have I told you how awesome you are?? No.. well I just did. 

Tonya J Loveless

So writing the next FCD and a few others in the wings, what do you do in your down time..... Do you have down time?

Tonya J Loveless
Down time? What is down time?!
Right now, I'm also building up Cliffhanger Press, LLC, and currently have three authors.

Very cool. How are you managing that? I mean the whole publishing for others thing, I can barely publish for myself..

Tonya J Loveless
One day at a time, and keeping very organized LOL
Plus I edit for others, and have a dayjob lol
Oh Hubby, teenager, and trying to remember to get away from the computer LOL!!

Away from the computer???? IS that Possible???
I put mine to sleep and when I wake up it's awake too....

Tonya J Loveless
I wonder most days! LOL! (if you get an answer, please tell me how you did it)

I will try if it will let me tell the secret.... It's glaring at me now....
I think we upset it...

Tonya J Loveless
My secret is hubby glaring at me, and slowly shutting the laptop ...

Well before it decides to go all Superman 3 and eat my ass perhaps this is where we will stop for the night. I have a pint of Ben and Jerry's Everything but the... Waiting as I edit....  But before we go, is there anything we didn't cover you would like to?

Tonya J Loveless
No, I think we covered it all, except ...
What do you mean you have a pint of Ben and Jerry's!
That is important for any interview!

On that eloquent note... 
AS for the Ben & Jerry' the words of Daffy Duck!  Mine!! Mine!! Mine!! I'm a greedy little mizer..

Tonya J Loveless
This was fun, enjoy the B&J ... geesh. I'm going to sit over here and dream of it. PFFFTT!!

And without further Ado, here is the Cover For Unlucky Number Four and the Excerpt We promised... 

The summer heat rose in waves against Janet’s face, and she hurried to return to the cool confines of the townhouse. Despite the near constant state of chaos, home was the one place she found refuge.

            “Would you slow down? I’m not racing you in new heels,” Tiffany grumped, said heels clacking rapidly against the concrete.

            “In this heat? Either hurry up, or melt, woman, I gotta have some A/C.” Janet threw a grin over a shoulder at her much shorter friend. She noticed the cracked concrete and waited. Tiffany never failed to trip over the spot – not once in the three years they’d lived on Bourbon Street.

            Tiffany glided over the patch of broken concrete, not looking twice.

            “You finally remembered the spot, huh, Tiff?” Janet laughed and walked faster. One block to go.

            Breathing a little harder, “What spot? Who cares? Tine and Miracai have been locked up all day, I can only guess what kind of mess we’re walkin’ into.”

            Janet laughed, half a block left. Over the last three and a half months, things progressed in a few ways. Kieran opened his own shoe shop, and Verna was up to her armpits in single people looking for mates. Tine Gorm, the little blue dragon, and Miracai, the cantankerous unicorn, kept each other occupied. Miracai worked part time at Tiffany’s practice, and they were still searching for a good fit for Tine.

            The townhouse was getting crowded. Kieran, the good looking leprechaun, stayed at Mark’s, Verna took up the third room, the two mythical creatures had beds. Damn Duck occupied Tiffy’s balcony, but he needed more room to act like a duck. But something told Janet they were going to need a huge place soon.

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Until next time Happy Reading!! 

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The In Dreams... Series, The Roads Trilogy, is the accumulation of almost eight years of writing. Begun in 2006 after a D&D campaign

ended S.I.Hayes took the world and created the Unavoidable Road. It took five years as

Shannon spent many months at a time in an undiagnosed Bi-Polar fog.

In 2010, she finally found the help she needed and she has been writing feverishly ever since

The first book wast over 130,000 words, so she decided that it needed to be smaller if only tonot scare readers away form an unknown book that was so thick.

Thus the first trilogy was born.

In between she became the CoAuthor to Awakenings: The Wrath Saga, a Paranormal Drama likened to Big Brother Meets The Real World, of the Preternatural, Several blogs and her own website.