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#131PreviewReview Interviews Chris C. Genovese @CCGenovese @shannonihayes #eroticfun #firsttimes #Kinkyfetish

 The 131 Preview Review Presents 
C. C. Genovese is a male romance and erotica author who often writes from the female perspective. He has a passion for writing sensual tales that take the average woman (or man) and place them in erotic positions. Life isn't prude so why should we be? If you're under the age of 18, or if you get offended easily, please don't purchase these books. If you're ready to be entertained, aroused, and brought to emotional climax then please do.
Fresh from reading Maybe Mandy: Kinky Carnival Games I bring you it's creator Chris Genovese

Welcome to the 131 Preview Review Interview!

Chris C. Genovese: Thank you!

So I've read Maybe Mandy Kinky Carnival Games and am about 50% through Margaritas by Moonlight , Valentino and Mandy are getting hot on the dance floor right now! I must say you got a way with words!

Chris C. Genovese: That's so awesome. Thank you.
Choo know what I mean?

I Choo! I Choo!

Chris C. Genovese: I love speaking like Valentino

I'm intrigued to figure out where all the guys keep coming from... lol

Chris C. Genovese: Well, Mandy sure knows how to pick 'em. Have you read any of the free diary entries on my website? She gets herself into some... sticky situations.

No I haven't gotten to it yet! It's on my list of things to do though!

Chris C. Genovese: Well you're a writer too so I'm just thrilled you took time out to read my books.

I was under the impression they start after Cancun

Chris C. Genovese: The diary entries? I think the first one started right after Kinky Carnival Games. I have about 8 of those entries now I think. They're just short and funny little stories. I'll eventually put them all together for a Maybe Mandy Diaries book at some point.

That's an awesome idea I'm sure people will want more of Mandy! She's a trip. You did a great job geeing inside the head of a female character, which surprises me truth be told

Chris C. Genovese: I still worry about that! I got a review one time from a woman saying it was very clear the books were written by a male. That made me feel pretty shitty, but so far that's the only one.

Hmm, IDK about that, but then again I'm often accused of thinking like a guy! LMFAO!

Chris C. Genovese You're a riot. I think that's why I like you so much :)

Did you do any kind of prep work for Kinky Carnival games? You know, what we all want to know... Any hand jobs on the tilt-o whirl?

Chris C. Genovese Fuck, I wish. No, that's all in my head. Wouldn't that be awesome though? Sex on a Ferris wheel? How about sex in a Graviton? Remember that ride? That would be ridiculous though. Not a lot of movement going on.

I'd thought about that I remember the graviton, that could get difficult!

Chris C. Genovese Reminds me of that scene from the movie Fear with Mark Wahlberg, remember that? When he fingered Reese Witherspoon on the roller coaster? Sorry I tend to go off on tangents. My mind is a crazy place. A mess. You should know this if you read Mandy lol.

So no sex in public in your youth? Wow, the day I finished reading KCG I went parking with my guy we took the seat out of his van! Tangents are my forte!

Chris C. Genovese Ha! I've done some wild stuff!
I've had sex under a bridge, in a sauna, in an ice cream shop bathroom...

An Ice cream shop bathroom! Nice I thought my Local Dunkin Donuts was bad!

Chris C. Genovese lol! Ewww, I'm thinking of that meme with the glazed donuts now

Hey as a teenager you take it where you can squeeze it in!

Chris C. Genovese Damn right you do! I can't tell you how many times I had to climb out my girlfriend's trailer window! And those windows are fucking tiny!

Ha-ha! Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex? Would you have sex there?

Chris C. Genovese The weirdest place? Hmm. I've always thought it would be badass to have sex in a bouncy house, like the ones for kids' birthday parties. Man I'm fucked up lol.

Better yet Would Mandy?

Chris C. Genovese And, yes, I absolutely would... if I owned it and knew no kids would be using it any time after. Mandy would. She's adventurous. That's why I love her. It's like we're going steady. I'd totally do her.

No I could see that kinda like the moon bounce in Revenge ofthe Nerds

Chris C. Genovese Yes! I forgot about that. Yes, you definitely get some cool points for that one. I need to watch that movie again.

A bounce house would be awesome. I could do that... no RUG BURNS!

Chris C. Genovese Or on one of those wooden rafts out on a lake. I know that's not so weird, but that would be cool. In the fresh mountain air

Nope... Seen Creepshow too many times!

Chris C. Genovese
I was watching Creepshow 2 the other day with my kids, and while that black ooze thing was trying to eat them, I kept thinking, that would be an awesome place to have sex.
Hahaha jinx!

Careful our age is showing!

Chris C. Genovese I know right, I actually saw that at the drive-in when I was a kid

Them young’uns are all Revenge of the Nerds? Creepshow 2 what are those? I know right!

Chris C. Genovese Long before Twilight

What's a drive in?? OMG! I miss those

Chris C. Genovese Me too! I made a mistake once. I went to see 8 Mile with my wife at a really ghetto drive-in

And the flea markets on the weekends in the summer during the day!

Chris C. Genovese Yes, I spent a big part of my youth in the Fort Lauderdale(ish) area of South Florida. And we'd always go to the flea market (and free Swap Shop circus) during the day and the drive-in at night

That had to be great! I'm from Connecticut, I live in Ohio, now, I understand you are in Central America... How'd that happen you running form the Po Po?? LOL

Chris C. Genovese Ahahahaha no. My wife is from down here. I don't say which country because it's a small world down here and I teach so I don't want everyone figuring out. We actually moved here from Columbus, Ohio.
But my wife is from here, we met in the U.S., but she always missed her country. I figured, since she'd tried my country for 8 years, I owed it to her to try her country too. We've been here 7 years.
Yes, we've been married 15 years

Oh Jeeze I' like an hour away from Columbus, and doing an event out there in October

Chris C. Genovese I was only there or about 6 months. Moved there for the company I worked with

Oh I’ve been here going into three years now... sheesh has it been that long? I guess so it will be my third Christmas

Chris C. Genovese Ohio is beautiful, I love the fall there.

It's not bad, It's FLAT THOUGH

Chris C. Genovese My favorite city is Chicago. I lived in Alaska for a while too. Anchorage is beautiful.

I love Mountains. Mandy needs to do some time in the Poconos.

Chris C. Genovese Me too. My dream is to have a writing cabin up in the mountains somewhere. Well book 4 will be a full length novel.

Oh boy, 40-50k with her antics! Only you know what she will get up too!

Chris C. Genovese lol it's going to be wild

What made you want to do erotica from the female perspective, I mean most guys would glaze her tits and be done with it, but not you, you push all her little buttons and let her sail

Chris C. Genovese I love how you put that! It all started on a dare. I was writing horror and dark fantasy when a writer friend of mine told me she thought I'd do well in erotica
I dared her to try horror and she dared me to try erotica. I jokingly said I'd write one about a girl who gets fucked on a Ferris wheel. I think I tried writing it from the male POV at first, and it just seemed wrong
So I rewrote it, I really think our characters speak to us.
For example, I have an erotic bedtime story called Wolves Love Red. It's my twist on the Little Red Riding story. My wife read the first draft and she hated it. She said the wolf needed to be wilder. More like a beast. So I rewrote it from the wolf's POV and it totally changed the story.
I think I like writing from the female POV a little more. Women are so complex. Guys...we're not so difficult to figure out. Just play with our balls and watch movies with us and we're good.

I couldn't agree more, about characters talking, they like to take the ball and run sometimes! I've had them back me into some strange corners!

 Chris C. Genovese I know you're interviewing me right now but I'm curious. Do you outline everything?
I've gotten to where I'll take some loose notes, but I can't do outlines. I usually have no idea where my story is going.

Oh GOD no! And don't be shy about asking me questions this is a conversation I'm open to going both ways

Chris C. Genovese Both ways...nice


Chris C. Genovese You didn't think I'd miss that did you?

Not if you were paying attention.. lol. No I usually know how to start and how it's gonna end, it’s the meat in between that swells up and kicks me in the teeth as I go along.

Chris C. Genovese I think the only books of mine I've written with an outline are my Edge of Reflection books.
I have 3 of those out right now and working on the 4th. Those started as a set of screenplays so I was able to use those scripts as outlines.
But still...the characters have taken it in different directions.

So that didn't really count as an outline more like a first draft

Chris C. Genovese Basically yeah

Do you write all on the computer, I typically do a draft long handed first.

Chris C. Genovese I take a lot of notes in a little detective-style notebook, but for the most part I write it all on the computer. I'm able to type faster than I can write. I use Evernote a lot too for taking notes

See I'm the other way, I can error as fast as I think, but my typing is like an eight-year-old

Chris C. Genovese You're funny

Ah Damn autocorrect
I smoke, so I took you outside, and my phone don't like the word write

Chris C. Genovese I guess it’s hot there now, It's always hot down here

Nope 68 degrees at the moment

 Chris C. Genovese Omg! I envy you!

It's beautiful

Chris C. Genovese So do you write romance erotica? I think you might have mentioned paranormal too right?

I'm a jack of all trade paperbacks, I write paranormal bdsm erotica, Contemporary erotica, Paranormal historical erotica,

Chris C. Genovese I'm kind of the same way. I've got 19 books out right now, well Slippery When Wet: Maybe Mandy 3, makes 19 (it comes out Thursday the 25th of Aug.). Mixed in there is everything from erotic comedy (like Mandy) to erotic horror to erotic poetry too erotic sci fi/dystopian...
And then of course my The Edge of Reflection series is dark fantasy, kind of urban fantasy, with some erotic elements.

I also have an epic fantasy trilogy with some balls through the wall sex

Chris C. Genovese Sounds like mine!
When you say epic fantasy do you mean like Lord of the Rings style, with elves and trolls and all that?

Sort of but not

Chris C. Genovese Mine has supernatural creatures and all kinds of crazy shit but not the typical elves and ogres (or vampires and werewolves)

I killed of all those! I have my own breeds of shape changers and huge felines, Micelike humanoids

Chris C. Genovese Sounds awesome!

Something like the drow from d&d

Chris C. Genovese I'm gonna have to check that one out, Mine is about a world on the other side of the mirror

I had to do research on plate tectonics 125 million years from now, so I knew what to make things look like. Basically you can walk the planet again

Chris C. Genovese In mine, the other side of the mirror is a dark, twisted world, an exact replica of this one, but where our evil reflections carry out our darkest desires. When the main character gets cheated on by his fiancé, he has thoughts about killing her and her lover, and that frees his evil "image" to trade places with him and carry out the murders.
So most of the book is about this guy trapped in the mirror world.

Mine is a coming of age tale, where the female protagonist must learn to trust herself and others in order to usurp a tyrant and help her people, while coming to terms with who she really is

Chris C. Genovese I like writing about alternate worlds. It's fun to be able to make all that shit up
I love horror too. At all my takeovers, I play lots of games. All my readers know at some point I'll probably use a creepy clown in one of the games.

I'm trying my hand at a horror it's a slow moving manuscript, 44k and I'm stuck

Chris C. Genovese Somehow scary clowns have kind of become my thing lol

 I hate clowns

Chris C. Genovese Wow
Everyone hates clowns, lol. That's why I love 'em
I'm working on an erotic horror called Clown Box

Oh God! I won't be reviewing THAT

Chris C. Genovese You should try Redgrave

NOPE..... *runs and hides. No clowns

Chris C. Genovese That's an erotic horror, military related, about a female Air Force security forces member who takes a shift guarding a twisted inmate in a secluded confinement building
I seem to like the word twisted tonight

Twisted can be fun if the twist is in the right direction I like right to left

Chris C. Genovese Lefty loosey righty tighty

It's always tight, we learn young, to do our exercises
Lol! Mandy should know this
Kegel is our friend

Chris C. Genovese I might need to add that to a book lol

You are welcome to it! So are you a boob or butt man?

Chris C. Genovese  I'm totally an ass man. I love boobs too but I love boobs of all sizes. They're something sexy about big tits, but there's something just as sexy about small ones. But an've gotten in trouble for that one before.
I'm very respectful of my wife. She has caught me checking out another woman before though and it was totally by accident. One time we were at Target and I was pushing the cart, really tired, halfway zoned out, and this woman in front of me was walking and had the nicest ass ever. And she was switching it, left right, left get the point. Suddenly I hear my wife go, "Hmm ok."
And I'm sorry, ladies, but if you wear a shirt with a slogan on it, I'm gonna read it.
My wife is cool though. She knows. And I'm not stupid either. She has a twin sister who was single for the longest time. I knew when she was checking out a guy because she'd always follow it up with, "He'd be perfect for my sister."
That's code for, "That guys is fucking hot."

Lol What's sexier yoga pants with a little camel toe or a flowy skirt little cotton panties during a light breeze.

Chris C. Genovese Damn! You're on a roll tonight
I'm not gonna lie, I kinda dig the camel toe.
I'm actually working on a poem called Ode to the Toe, lol

Kendell and I were talking and she told me to try and make you blush, so I'm working it!
We know Mandy is a girl that loves to suck a cock, working that vein, and the head, and that her man has to be able to eat a mean pussy. So that's their thing, so what's your kinky fetish?

Chris C. Genovese I love eating pussy. And I'm not shy about it. I'd do it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. My favorite it to lick her clit from the side, while I'm naked, so my cock is hanging, and she's going fucking crazy...trying to reach for my dick but I won't let her have it.
Does that answer the question?
Oh and with blowjobs I love a little teeth. When she lets her teeth nibble at me, just below the head, that makes me fucking nuts!

Er... um sorry, had me a visual there... If I could just adjust, but I have nothing to adjust... let me get a towel....

Chris C. Genovese Bwahahaha

You a light off or on kinda guy, I know I go for broad daylight in the van so I don't give a fuck, but some people... SO which are you?

Chris C. Genovese I think I like dim lights the best, candle light. Too much light makes it less erotic I think. But too little light means I can't see her tits when she's riding me. My favorite position is riding. I love when she's on top, and she's sliding forward and back, not that hopping up and down porn shit. But kind of sliding, grinding, pressing her clit against my pubic bone with each thrust. And the whole time she's doing it, her tits are rising and falling. That's fucking incredible. I think I might need to adjust now.

Then I'm doing my job! Good. Here's an odd one for you. What do you think the sexiest fruit is? I think it's the mango, that smooth hard skin you have to slice through then all that sweet thick flesh and the juices that run down your face when you eat it... I love me a mango!

Chris C. Genovese This is an easy one. The banana. I know that's such a cop out, but seriously. Women eating bananas? That's just erotic as hell. Like women licking an ice cream cone. Men...sorry fellas but there's no way to not look gay eating an ice cream cone. You just have to own it and go for it.

Ahahahaha... Fucking bananas! Oh... what about peaches, honeydew melons, kiwi

Chris C. Genovese
All of that! Women eating fruits is just hot!
Women eating everything!
Maybe not barbecue ribs...nah...that's pretty sexy too

That's because it makes you think of women eating pussy, all that clear liquid running down our faces, and we look like we like it at that moment
little secret... Most of us do

Chris C. Genovese I'm gonna look at women eating fruit in a whole new way!
You're fucking teasing me now!

Maybe a little.

Chris C. Genovese hahahaha

I'm hopped up on coffee

Chris C. Genovese Me too

I'm not responsible for my actions

Chris C. Genovese Had to, today was one of those days, I need to eat some pussy to cheer up I think

That usually does the trick, there's good vitamins in cum, protein. get a popsicle or some ice and have a party

Chris C. Genovese Why did I just imagine you freezing cum in an ice tray? Remind me to never drink sweet tea at your house!


Chris C. Genovese lol Too much?

Just enough, I'd use it in lemonade though, Too obvious in Tea

Chris C. Genovese
Or in a White Russian

So Mandy is gonna get a Novel! How debaucherous is it going to get for her?

Chris C. Genovese I'm still trying to figure that out. Actually, I wrote this screenplay back when I lived in Chicago. I tried giving it to a producer I met at a party. He read it, said it was funny, but said I lacked character development. He was right. After that, I started working really hard on character development. So it turns out that screenplay is an awesome outline for a Mandy book. It screams Mandy! It's so her.

Hmmm, I'm intrigued! Does it have a title yet?

Chris C. Genovese
I'm thinking...Maybe Mandy the Movie
but the book


Chris C. Genovese I'm serious! Once you read it you'll know why

Hey why not!

Chris C. Genovese Book 3 is on its way and I can't wait to hear what people think
We get to know Mandy a little better in this one
It's a little bit deeper

That's good I like it when story gets more developed as it moves along, it keeps me interested.
I am trying to do that with my PNR it just keeps building from one book to the next

Chris C. Genovese I'm doing that with an erotic horror too.
Diablo Snuff: A Foreign Evil is the first in its series
I wasn't really planning to write a second one. It did end in a cliffhanger but sometimes horror is better that way. Then I had this insane dream. Sick shit. When I woke up I remembered all of it and that instantly became Diablo Snuff 2
I just need to write it
But it gets sicker and sicker as the series goes on

Don’t you hate that dream shit!
I wrote Battleborn in 8 days based on one intense little dream

Chris C. Genovese It's great!

I was in the middle of another novel at the time but it needed to be written

Chris C. Genovese I wish I could dream up more books, But the scary dreams can fuck you up lol

I write predominately from dreams, well dreams and experience.

Chris C. Genovese Speaking of scary, I have another erotic horror called Tortured Souls that I'm working on. I started it when i was over in England on work related trip. I was staying in this old university, really creepy, and I started writing a book based on that setting.
I freaked myself out.
When I went to bed that night, the light from outside my door came through the bottom of it, and I kept imagining I'd see the shadows of two shoes step up to the door.
Couldn't fucking sleep
Had to stop writing it right away, lol

Oh wow, yeah that would freak me out a bit too, at least you didn't also hear like whispering and teeth chattering or some other creepy shit
My horror tale has to do with the shadows that we see how we make something from nothing and how what if what we thought we saw out of the corner of our eye in the dark was really there...
it's a time where the shadows manifest into reality and just fuck shit up
I just need to finish it

Chris C. Genovese Sounds great, I love scary shit

The monsters are pretty gnarly, at least the few I've described, my book manager won't read it, she doesn’t do scary!

Chris C. Genovese I don't think half my team will read the clown one when I finish.
I think that one will end up being just for fun

I got harbingers which are like these little fat putrefied balls of flesh that drag themselves around by their knuckles leaving a trail of stinking black tar behind them, nasty because they run in packs
Yeah, you may need a special editor for your clown book

Chris C. Genovese I have harbingers in my dark fantasy book too, A little different though
They're more like land piranhas, nasty little creatures with razor sharp teeth, just chomping at the bit

It's such a good word, nasty sounding, ya know
So we are coming up on the two-hour marker, and I was told to ask you a most personal question!

Chris C. Genovese hahahaha ok, Shoot

Well since you write erotica you shouldn't have issue with it, we hope! Inquiring minds wanna know about your first time, where and how'd it go down!

Chris C. Genovese Oh man. My first time was horrible. I worked at an ice cream shop (yes the same one I hooked up in the bathroom in later). I was a sophomore in high school and I worked with this senior girl. Her friend, for some reason, dared her to kiss me. So she did. Cheesy I know. A few nights later she came over to my house because she'd lied to her parents about going on a school trip or something. So I snuck her in my house. My best friend was there. We all hung out and he fell asleep. I started out fingering her, then I went down on her (I've always loved eating pussy), and I was fucking shocked when she let me fuck her. It was over with very quickly. Like embarrassingly quick.
Then the next night she rode me on a lawn chair next to my friend's pool
But we didn't date because she was embarrassed about being with a younger guy or some shit.
I was so used!

Stupid girl, It was hard finding guys that ate good pussy in hs
You'd have been a keeper I'm sure

Chris C. Genovese I went on from there to have a two-year high school sweetheart


Chris C. Genovese With lots of sex, and climbing out of her trailer window (as mentioned earlier)

You must have been a skinny boy!
So tell us your stats

Chris C. Genovese

Height, weight, shoe size...

Chris C. Genovese Ha
6'1" Weight? Hmm, probably 195 or something like that now Shoe size...12 Dick size? I'm average. I'm not huge. I'm just...ok. Blue eyes brown hair

Hey it's not the length, it’s not the size, it's how many times you can make it rise!

Chris C. Genovese

And if you got callouses on your hands your fingers can do a lot of talking for YOU
Nothing better than a man who works with his hands

Chris C. Genovese
Have you seen my masturbation companions?
I have three of those out now. They're all short, between 5,000 and 10,000 words.
All just $.99
But I write in 2nd person POV, so it's like I'm talking directly to you, walking you through your own erotic fantasy

I wrote a mutual masturbation scene for my second bdsm book it was interesting
A phone sex scene where he talks her through it

Chris C. Genovese That's hot, I've never written bdsm, My 3rd masturbation companion is a little bit close It's about a cop pulling you over for speeding, There's some spanking with his baton and there's some handcuffs and stuff but it's not really bdsm

Just a little kinky
Oh I've got rope bondage and being tried up to the cross and pony play, Sensation play

Chris C. Genovese You go all out

My Dragon shifter likes being clawed

Chris C. Genovese I might do some shifter stuff soon

Ours fun too, I make one character use ben wah balls and the werewolf keeps hearing them clink inside her

Chris C. Genovese Other than my red riding hood one, I don't have any shifter books

Shifters are fun, especially when they can fly
Talk about the mile-high club
My next one is about a sarcastic werewolf coming to terms with liking guys and girls, should be fun

Chris C. Genovese lol I love comedy in erotica, I try to mix some comedy in all my books

I don't do it on purpose, if I do that it seems forced, but Gage just comes out that way, he's the pup, he's twenty-one and thinks he knows it all, but one sexy Vamp and an Irish Were are gonna turn him on his head and fuck him six ways from Sunday
But enough about me... Maybe Mandy 3 comes out in just a few more days... You must be super excited any plans for release day

Chris C. Genovese I'm really excited about it
Sorry, had to run into the other room really quick
My wife saw a bug and I had to do the manly thing
But yes! Thursday night, August 25th, I'm doing a very short release party.
I reached out to some of the author friends who've been there since the beginning or who have helped me with beta reading and editing on the Mandy series, and I've asked them to each take a 30 minute slot, but not as authors.
They're going to show up as their characters, their female characters I should say.
I'll be acting as Mandy, and Mandy (and the fans) will be interviewing each of these female characters.

Ah yes I saw that! Wished I had been able to get in on it!

Chris C. Genovese I'm out of invites (FB has limited me to 50 for some reason) and the party is set to private (so we don't get in trouble for being too dirty) but if anyone would like to check it out, please PM me or my PA, Kendall Blackburn Barnett, and we'll make sure you get an invite.

I'm invited, so I'll be sure to come in and check it out!

Chris C. Genovese I'm sorry. I just told Kendall the other day that I wanted you in on it too, along with some of my other author friends like Sharon Johnson and Theresa Hissong-Author, but I had to do a really short party since author friends of mine are taking up both weekends before and after for their releases (and I didn't want to mess with those parties) and my daughter's birthday party is next weekend. So I had to do it on a weekday. A fucking Thursday. And since I work I had to start it later in the evening. It sucks.
So that's why I stuck with only the authors who've helped me with stuff related to the Mandy series books. Or who've shown up to all my other events when I've needed them.

No biggie, you'll just have to do it again, and put me in there then!
Lol I've got a plethora of naughty girls who'd love to play

Chris C. Genovese For sure! Remember there will be a Mandy 4 and since it's full length, I'll plan a big party for that one.
You know I love to play naughty

Donnella Stone comes to mind, from my Cont Rom, she's a feisty thing.

Chris C. Genovese Here are the links for the Mandy series books. Book 3 is available for pre-order now, but will go live on Thursday:
Chris C. Genovese
Kinky Carnival Games (Maybe Mandy 1): Amazon Universal:  All other sites:
Margaritas by Moonlight (Maybe Mandy 2): Amazon UniversalAll other sites:
Slippery When Wet (Maybe Mandy 3): Amazon Universal Link: All other sites:
I think this interview thing will be a lot of fun, having Mandy make new female character friends, so you definitely need to be there for the next one.

Perfect! You wouldn't happen to have an excerpt from Slippery when Wet hanging around would you?

Chris C. Genovese And I'd love for you to show up and hit me with some dirty questions too. You can even come as your character if you want. I'm on last at the event and I'm asking the authors who've participated to come back and ask Mandy questions, kind of a revenge thing lol
Of course I do. Just a sec.
It's kinda long
Is that ok?

Fine by me

Excerpt Maybe Mandy Slippery When Wet
C.C. Genovese

He was big and curved slightly upward, and the best part? He was panting. Yes, panting.
By panting I mean he’d taken his mouth off my tits and was concentrating on the handjob he was getting. I’m not one to be selfish but I have to admit I was bummed that he’d gotten so comfortable in his own pleasure. I mean, what about mine?
Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he kicked his shoes and pants the rest of the way off and climbed up to chest level. I’m not kidding. I know how this sounds, but Pete basically sat on me, put his cock on my chest, and smooshed my tits together, forcing me to give him an involuntary tittie fuck.
Now, I can’t see my own face at times like these, but at the angle I was looking up at the tip of his cock, I can only imagine that I had that double-chin, face squished up, what-the-fuck look on my face.
I mean seriously. What…the…fuck?
Don’t get me wrong, I like a tittie fuck like anyone else, especially if it’s a guy I’ve been seeing and we’ve worked up to it and it’s a mutually beneficial thing. I wouldn’t be in the situation if I didn’t want to fuck the guy in the first place.
So, all in all, things were kind of going according to plan. His plan.
I needed to cook up one of my own and quick before he blew his load and left me unsatisfied. So, as he busied himself with my boobs, I writhed like a snake until I wiggled my way out of my underwear. Pete didn’t even seem to notice.
“Oh fuck,” he kept saying.
I knew he was close. So, like some sort of jiu jitsu specialist, I lifted my naked legs up to his back, curled my feet over his shoulders, and pulled him backwards. He yelped and smacked his head against the dining room table before crumbling to the floor.
I should have checked to see if he was okay. But I was too fucking horny.
So, with Pete lying on his back, dazed and probably trying to figure out what I’d just done to him, I climbed on top. He muttered something but I wasn’t in the mood to listen. He’d done enough talking for the night.
Instead, I lifted myself up over his face, and as he began to say, “What are you doing?” I sat my dripping wet pussy down onto his mouth and shoved the words back down his throat. He swallowed them like a good boy should and then his tongue was inside me and all was right in the world.
I repaid him for a good deed done by taking his huge cock in my mouth. I started by licking the head. I loved the way its size covered my tongue and as I lowered my lips around it, I fought back the slight urge to gag. Then, as usual, the gag reflex went away and I was devouring him like I hadn’t eaten a thing since last Thanksgiving.
His tongue swirled around the opening of my hole. He circled it like he was trying to ease it open wider and wider in preparation for what I had in my mouth.
Fuck, he was good.
And as I worked on what I thought might be the best blowjob I’d ever given, the usual goofy thoughts flooded through my mind. I imagined I was giving an award-winning blowjob. With each jerk of my fist and sink of my lips I thanked someone different.
I’d like to thank the Academy for giving me the chance to be where I’m at right now.
I’d like to thank my family for always believing in me.
I’d like to thank Ronny on cameras and my editor, Phil.
Pete’s sudden moaning into my pussy sent vibrations that ricocheted off my neatly trimmed thatch and reverberated up my thighs. The signal that he was about to come at any moment was like the sad orchestra music signaling the end of my acceptance speech.
They’re playing the music. I’ve taken too long.
“Oh fuck!” I felt escape my lips in an explosion of ecstasy.
I wasn’t sure what he’d done but it felt so right. It was rough, it was erotic, it was fucking amazing. He’d shoved a finger into me, all the way to the knuckles. Then two. Then maybe three.
My clit was on fire with each lash of his tongue and my pussy ached with each thrust of his fingers.
“Fuck!” I yelled. “Yes, yes, ohhhh yaaaas!”
“You like that?” I think he said.
I answered by lifting my ass and slamming my pussy into his face. I think his head bounced off the carpet but he didn’t complain. He simply lifted his head and dug in even harder.
I pulled up and scraped him slightly with my teeth.
“Oww shit!” he yelled. “Not like that!”
I hated, still hate, being told what to do. But I’d learned my lesson. Braden had liked a little teeth.
Braden was still on my mind.
Here I was choking on a beautiful dick and my thoughts were on the guy who’d fucked me all over the carnival that one night over a year ago.
As Pete fucked me with his mouth, I remembered the same thing going on with Braden. I remembered dangling from that tree while he ate me out.
That did it.
I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come. Oh shit. Oh shiiiiiiit!
“Yes! Yes!” I yelled as I pulled him out of my mouth with a loud smacking sound.
I couldn’t concentrate on his cock anymore. Not with him eating me out like that. I tried. I promise I did. I had my hand gripped tightly above his balls and was about to go back to it when I felt it. Like hot lava that started at the top of my head, mixed with liquid ice, and then traveled all the way down my body and into and then out of my pussy.
I leaned forward, trying to maintain my grip on reality, when it hit me.
It hit me. When I say “it” I mean his dick erupted in my face. He came and it shot out and busted me right in the fucking nose. Then, as I pulled back to cry out in fear, it spurted again and blasted my left eye. Thank God I’d closed it in time.
If there’d been a snapshot I’m sure it would’ve gone viral. Cause I didn’t know what to do. I heard myself squeal.
“Ung…ohhh,” was what came out.
What the fuck! Did he just…did I…my fucking nose? My eye? Really?
If there’s ever a place you don’t want to get slathered in jizz, it’s your fucking nose. And if there’s a place less desirable than that, it’s your eye!
The worst part?
I didn’t know where to go from there. In an effort to stop it and to flee to safety, I kind of crawled forward, and in the process dragged my pussy across his face, over his chin, down his chest and all the way over him.
I couldn’t see. And I couldn’t smell!
Through my right eye and my sense of touch, I found something to wipe his mess off.
“What are you doing?” I heard him yell from behind.
“What am I doing? I’m wiping your cum off my face!”
“With the family quilt?”
“What family…”
As my fingers dug through the woven patches of grannies hand-made quilt, I realized the mistake I’d made.
“My mom’s going to shit!” he said.
“Your mom?”
And that was the last time I saw Pete.

Chris C. Genovese It starts mid scene but it would be way too long if it didn't

LOL Right in the eye!! Well we've all been there at least once, then it's in the hair too!

Chris C. Genovese It's good for the hair, or so I've heard. I'm getting the stink eye from my wife

No, good for the skin, and teeth. and on that precarious note...

Chris C. Genovese
I think I have to go lol. She's cool...but she's waiting to watch Spartacus with me. We've watched the whole series once before. I think she just likes the big swinging dicks on the show.

It has been a blast talking with you! Thank you so much for hangin with me here! I'll be going over this and fixing the typos!

Chris C. Genovese
It's been a lot of fun. I think people will learn a few new things about me lol

Have a great night and I'll be posting this out hopefully in the morning!

Chris C. Genovese Thank you! That's awesome.
Can I give you my Amazon author page link?

Thank you! And of course

 I hope that works, I'm still iffy about using booklinker.
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, You're a riot. And I had a blast

I'll see how it translates into Blogger! You are so welcome!
Good night!

Chris C. Genovese Sweet dreams

Not on all this coffeee!

Well folks that is all of the kinky sexy fun I have for you tonight! TIME TO STALK CHRIS ON ALL HIS SOCIAL PLATFORMS!


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