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Dragon speak with Author Solease M.Barner

Solease lives in a quiet area. She is a wife, and mother to a daughter. Solease loves to spend time with her family. She's been called the social butterfly by many friends. She's a huge movie buff, and loves to read books. She writes poetry on a daily basis, as a way to release stress. Solease is the author of "Secrets of the Ghosts - The Sleeper", "Secrets of the Ghosts - AWAKENS", and "The Draglen Brothers Series - DRAKEN"

I am pleased to welcome you back to The 131 Preview Review, with your newest title, Draken from The Draglen Brothers Series!

           Solease: I am happy to be here as well

When last we met, we talked about your Secrets of the Ghosts Series, a fast paced James Bond like novel, with a kick ass female lead, what made you make the jump to the more "paranormal"?
Or should I say, Fantastical? 

          Solease: lol Well I kept getting readers who really enjoyed the romance in the Secrets of the Ghosts and wanted me to write more about romance, I like paranormal and thought about dragons and I said hmm, I think I should do this. That is what started it

It's not a typical Romance though, by any means, your characters spend a good amount of time swearing they'll stay away from each other, I liked how everyone around them kept calling "bull-shit". The brothers were a great touch. Did you dive in knowing it was going to be a series or did that develop over the course of writing?

           Solease: Yes, it's not typical at all. I wanted it to be different, something new. I like to be surprised and think others like too as well when it comes to reading. When I thought about it in the beginning I thought of one book, but as I developed Draken and his brothers, I fell for them all and said this could be a series. Each, brother is so different and I made it into a series maybe a few chapters in. These brothers know how to swear lol but what men don't.

Very true on the men.. And what men! Not a mundane lookin' one in the bunch, I did wonder about the heights. Was/is there any significance to them all being so break neck tall?? (Other then it's frickin' hot?)

           Solease: Well they are tall, for a couple of reasons, they are dragons first, which when they turn into human form, they can't be average they are huge creatures so they are huge human HOT men 

Yes.. Yes they are.  And oh so temperamental! Draken is from the first introduction quite brash, but our girl Princess (Cess) wants him anyhow, I understand that this drives the story, obviously, but I wonder your thoughts on why women tend to be drawn to the bad ass?

           Solease: Yes, Draken is a ass lol and Princess (Cess) is drawn to him. Women I believe like men to be bad sometime, some more than others, but I think women, at least I do like men that are alpha and bad, we always want bad. I mean think about it when you were a kid and was told not to do something, you more than likely did it because you were told not to do it. That's with men that are bad, women are told to stay clear of the "bad boys" and thats who we want to see why they are bad. Nobody wants everything all good, bad can be good sometimes 

Couldn't agree more! And Draken makes a point of showing his alpha at every turn, even as Cess brings the Prince to his knees... repeatedly.  Due to their Dragon nature I assume their possessiveness is bestial, I liked how you intertwined the need for material and physical, was this a conscious connection or am I reading too much into it?

           Solease: Can you explain more do you mean them being very protective and the clothing?

Well Draken shows a very strong possessiveness towards Cess, and everything they own is very "High End" From clothes to furniture, but it doesn't come off as pompous or  completely materialistic, more like collecting... Dare I say Hoarding, like a dragon is often accused of doing. It seemed to me that these mannerisms came more from the dragon side then the human-suit. As though their time on Earth had nothing to do with it and it was more about thew dragon nature then putting on a "show" for the human world to see.
So I guess what I'm asking is was my train of thought correct? 

           Solease: Yes, you are correct that was a conscious decision, most have heard when talking about dragons they are possessive and likes jewels and nice things. I thought with them being royalty, that it would fit perfect. Yes it's there dragon side, not so much human. They like nice things in their land. I love their land, just to let you know lol

Yes, it comes across... I particularly like the Kaleidoscope sky!

           Solease: Yaay!! Me too

I do hope we get to see more of it in the Next Books, I understand that Showken is the next to have his tale told? I loved that winning smile of his!
He often stole the page from his other brothers.

           Solease: Yes Showken is the next book and if you recall Cess seen him first and was instantly attracted to him because that smile will make you melt  Showken is so good looking and everyone knows it including him. He will meet his match though 
Yes you will get to see more of their land more so in Showken!

Awesome, and I hope his girl makes him chase his tail!

           Solease: Ohh have no worries Showken is going to chase ... *smirk*

So what special things did you do to prepare for the Release of Draken? I understand you did a FB Release party, What was that like?

           Solease: The party was a blast, I had so much fun doing it. I got to play games that would include things like what would your dragon name be, what they eat, what color they are, things like that. I really step out my box with Draken, so I really thought about how to get people ready for something different from me. I just fell into this world and went into the party with nothing but Draken and Cess on my mind that helped a lot, didn't know how people would receive the dragon shifter.

It's not unheard of, for gamers it's a guilty pleasure, D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) has a character template for Dragonkind, where in your character takes on some traits of the beast. Many a time I wished that the look was more hot than claws and baby wings.. lol. So this is a great intro into something for the creative types to get into.
And your covers are pretty hot too.

           Solease: Thanks when I though about the dragons, I wanted them to be dragons, not toned down at all, I think that would also make it different, I wanted them to be the beast they are when they shift but still aware and intelligent, still have beauty in their creature form. I love the covers too, I spend time making sure that they are what I see in my characters.

So you have a hands on approach in the creation of them then?

           Solease: Yes, I pick the models, have a concept in mind  and then I give to my cover designer, and we work on it until its where I'm happy 

Very Cool... The Dragon Tattoo, that each brother bares on their chest, will it have any major significance later? If it's a spoiler feel free to evade.. 

           Solease: It's something that I can tell, The dragon tattoo are heir birthmarks and distinguish them from other dragons, it;s lets others know they are royalty and a Draglen Descendant.

Very Cool...

           Solease: Yes, I thought so too! I'm happy you agree!

Now that Draken has been unleashed on your fans, what's next for you? Anything specific?

           Solease: Well, Showken comes out soon, I'm good into book 3 in the series. The next brother is LAYERN!! I'm also working on the 3rd book of Secrets of the Ghosts. So, yes I say a lot is going on 

Oh Wow! You're keeping busy, busy! Anymore contests or giveaways I can share with my readers?

           Solease: Yes, I have contests going on my website for the Draglen Brothers, they should sign up for the newsletter as well as I just finished  giveaway another is coming. I got a contest going on currently that ends on Oct 31 and I'm doing a weekly giveaway on a site called Libboo. So, there are plenty of ways to win special prizes from the new series.
Can I ask you a question?

Awesome, if I don't have those links could you send them so I can share them?... Sure ask away?

           Solease: What was your favorite part in Draken? 

My Favorite part? Hmm, I'd have to say that I'm one for internal banter, I really enjoyed watching Draken, squirm with his mixed emotions about Cess, but to be really honest....
The conversation between D (Cess' Twin Brother) and her on the couch after watching Once Upon a Time In Mexico, actually made me tear up.

           Solease: I love that part too... I cried. I would feel that way if I couldn't see my sisters again hard decision I also loved seeing Draken squirm...

I have brothers, both far away, one in Ohio and the other in Afghanistan (we think) SO the closeness that they shared hit a few nerves.

           Solease: I'm so happy you could connect with Cess and D they really had twin love or  sibling love.

Distance can be trying, and sometimes it feels like they're in another world. So that one really did stick with me.

           Solease: Yes, it can I have a sis that leaves in Texas and one in Georgia and I miss them so much so I understand that. I always want a reader to find something they can connect with in a story I write

Well it explains how you were able to write it so vividly! I always say it's easier to write what you have actually felt.

           Solease: I couldn't agree with that more.

I'm not much of a romantic, so the sibling relationships were really great for me, both Cess and D, and the Brothers... Dysfunctional function is always fun! Or is it Functional Dysfunction?

           Solease: lol they are a group of characters and the brothers have there own issues too
They fight and argue over silly things sometimes... Even being dragons

I would think especially so!

           Solease: Yes

This has been a great conversation! Thank you so much for taking time out of you uber busy schedule to be with us here! And I look forward to seeing you again when we sample AWAKENS From the Secrets of The Ghosts Trilogy!!
Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Perhaps an Excerpt from Showken? 

           Solease: Thank you for spending time to find out more about this series, I'm looking forward to the Awakens interview as well  fingers crossed hope you enjoy that as well. Yes I I have the first chapter of Showken. *huge smile* 

Awesome! here is the Showken teaser!!  I look forward to reading and seeing you again next month!


      Why the hell did Draken choose me to run the business? Damn! If I’m running it then human women are allowed in the car, house, and definitely in the office. I’m happy Domlen, Layern and Hawken are coming 
along. Gemi decided to stay. 
“Ok, I’m in charge now and I say there are no rules,” I say, “except don’t expose us or I’ll be fucking pissed.” Layern ignores me. Hawken and Domlen just look.
“You’re not running shit,” Hawken says. 
“I run everything,” I say, “and unlike Draken, I will burn your ass so bad it will take months to heal. 
Now, who’s up for a drink in a bar I’ve been dying to go to?”
“I’m up for it. What’s the name of the bar?” Domlen asks, not looking up from his laptop. 
“Hot Chicks and Drinks,” Layern says, looking serious. I have to make sure Layern gets laid. Domlen, Hawken and I have nothing to worry about.
“Well, lets go see what’s in the Hot Chicks and Drinks bar. I think this may be my lucky day,” I say, walking to my room to get ready. I love human women and plan on bringing home two tonight. I just don't lie it when they get all, “Showken you going to call” or “Showken I think I love you”. To hell with that! I don’t want that shit. I just want a good lay and keep to it moving. I may settle down in about another hundred years; right now I’m having fun. I walk back to the other room where Domlen and Layern are ready. Hawken didn't bother to change. 
“Remember, no hurting the human women,” I say, “if they say ‘no’ respect it and move on. Don’t start any fights as we have to go to work on Monday, and please don’t fall in love like Draken, he went crazy. Now he’s hooked on Cess and I don’t have time for a repeat,” I say, grabbing the keys to the Hummer. 
“Showken, stop giving out orders you sound like Draken. He always wanted to give out orders,” Hawken says. We all laugh.
“Yeah, but now Cess is giving the orders,” Domlen says. Layern shakes his head.
“Let’s just go have some fun. Look we’re already here,” Hawken says. 
We walk into the bar and it’s pretty packed, but it’s Friday. I’m casing the place and I see her behind the bar setting drinks on a tray. Yes, she is going to be one of mine tonight. She looks mad, but I’ll just smile, she will melt and the panties will be off.
“I’m going to get a waitress for us, go find a table,” I say, heading straight for her.
“Stop giving out orders!” Hawken yells. I ignore his jealousy and keep moving until I’m right in front of her.
“Excuse me, my brothers and I need our orders taken,” I say, hoping she will look up. Instead, she 
keeps placing her drinks on the tray, to deliver I’m sure.
“So fucking what, wait your turn,” she says, moving around me and walking to another table. Shit. This one has some issues, but it doesn’t matter. I still want to have her in my bed tonight. I walk to our table and 
sit.  She walks over with a small pad and pen.
“What can I get you, boys?”
“Boys?” Domlen asks, “You see any boys?”
“As a matter of fact, yes. Now what do you want to drink?”
Oh, she is really angry. I like it. 
“We would like some pitchers of beer, the best you have,” Layern says. 
“Is that all?” she asked, not looking at any of us. I wonder what it is about her; she can’t be shy with a mouth like that. Hmmm.
“Yes, I would like to know what time you’re off,” I say, trying to get her to look up at me. She finally 
does. There are those beautiful grey eyes. She is one angry lady, but I like her. She could be fun. 
“Look, I’m not interested. I’ll be back with the beer,” she says. I watch her sexy walk as she heads 
back to the bar counter to get our orders filled. She is all woman. Her ass, breasts and hips are perfect. 
“Showken, I think you should leave this one alone,” Layern says. “She is very good at blocking 
emotion, but I was able to sense she is very angry and damaged.”
“I think you guys can talk about this, I’ve spotted my fun for tonight,” Hawken says, walking over to a 
table with a couple of ladies. They look fun, all smiles, but I want her. She basically said ‘fuck off’ to 
me, and that is not happening. 
“She’s a angry human female, but she is not allowed to call me boy again, or she’ll . . .” Domlen trails 
off just as our pitchers are arriving. She sits them down and I slide a hundred dollar bill to her.
“Here’s your beer, and is this to start a tab?” she snapped.
“Nope, it’s your tip for being so nice,” I say, giving her a wicked smile. She is angry, huh? Well, I will 
see if she is really not into me, or just too scared to admit it. She just stares at me, and we lock eyes for a good ten seconds before she blinks.  
“I’ll start your tab,” she says, snatching the money and walking away. 
“I see Hawken is having a good time. I’m going to claim some fun, too,” Domlen says, pouring him a 
full glass and taking a pitcher with him. He heads toward Hawken and the women. 
“Layern, what is it about her?” I ask, not taking my eyes off her as she takes and delivers other orders.
“You shouldn’t, but since she gave you a challenge, I see you will stop at nothing to have her, just be 
careful.” Layern takes a big gulp. “I’m going to dance to have some fun, too. I think you should come. I see those women on the floor dancing our way and waiting for us,” he says, rising and moving closer to the dance floor, which is not very big, but big enough.
“I’ll join you in a second. Get them warm for me and I’ll be over to relieve you of one,” I say, smiling.  Layern is a good dancer; he can handle two or three human women at the same time. Layern walks away shaking his head and I continue the staring at her. 
I need her name, so I head to the bar blocking her from going behind it.
“What the hell you doing?” she yells, trying to go around me. I just smile and wait for her to look at me. Finally, her eyes rise to meet mine. Even angry and all, she is beautiful. 
“What’s your name?”
“I’m not telling you my name. You’re more than likely a stalker as you can’t take the hint already,” she snaps, placing her hands on those lovely hips. “Now move!” Her dark brown hair is hanging straight. She 
looks me right in my eyes and I see a guard up, not anger. Hmm, I need to know more.
“I’m Showken, and you are?” I ask, raising a brow. She is not getting past without a name.
“Marilyn. Now can you move?” she asks, through clenched teeth.
“That wasn’t hard, Marilyn, and yes I will move, for now,” I say stepping aside, making sure to feel her heat as she tries not to touch me when she slides past. Blowing out in frustration I stand and listen as she gives the bartender her order for another table. She looks pissed. I don’t care; I still want her. 
She just has to be difficult and I love a challenge. She glares at me, giving a good roll of her beautiful eyes...Oh, yes, this one I will have. I return a very wide smile and head for the dance floor, pull the first girl I see out of her seat and I seductively dance with her. 
The lady is very willing and aroused, but my eye is on Marilyn as she watches the show, I sniff the air and there it is. She is hot and she likes my dancing. We make eye contact and I mouth, “I want you”, licking my lips for her pleasure. I really need this woman. I catch a glimpse of Domlen and Hawken walking out with their fun for tonight. Smiling I give them a nod. The song ends and Layern meets me at the table.
“Showken, what is it about her? I’m picking up anger and arousal, but the anger is way more intense. 
The human you were just dancing with is willing to do whatever with you,” Layern says, drinking straight from the only pitcher left. I smile knowing she has to come back.
“Marilynn!” I yell, forcing her to look again. She looks sexy as hell walking this way. I may just want 
her because she said no, but whatever the reason, I can’t help but rise to the challenge. Finally getting 
to our table, she places her hands on her hips narrowing her beautiful grey eyes at me.
 “We need more pitchers,” I say, raising my brow. Sliding another hundred dollar bill her way, she 
snatches again and storms off. She says nothing as she heads for the bar.
“You are really pissing her off,” Layern says, finishing the pitcher.
“I know, that’s the point. She’s very angry, very hot, too. I think a little fun will help her out,” I say, not taking my eyes off of her as she brings four pitchers back to the table. I wonder if she thinks she can get me drunk. She sets them down and storms off angrily. I tilt my head, watching her walk away is amazing. 
“Layern, I’m not giving up on this one. After I have my fun I’ll leave her alone,” I say, grabbing a 
pitcher and tossing it up. 
“Okay, but I’m telling you this one is not for fun, and she has secrets that I can’t get to. I’ll stay clear if I were you, but seeing the sparkle in your eye brother, I know you will stop at nothing, so good luck.”
“Luck? Shit, I plan on having a good time with Miss Marilynn; her anger only excites me. Besides, I don’t think she knows how angry I can get,” I say, watching her maneuver through the crowd delivering beers with two other waitresses.  
She ignores me the rest of the night. Layern invites some ladies to the table, and they are very willing, but I can't keep my eyes away from Marilynn. I give attention to the red head, purring next to me, but I don’t want an easy lay tonight. I want a challenge and I see I have one. Studying her walk, her eyes, and how she stands makes me smile. It will be fun getting to know her. She shakes her head every time she looks my way, sighing in frustration. Yes, I’m in her mind, now I want in that body of hers. 
“I’m going home, brother. You coming?” Layern asks, standing and holding a lady on his arm. I stare at him in confusion, as I know who already holds my brother’s heart. Maybe he is over her. 
“I think I’ll make sure Marilynn gets home safe, but you have some fun, with both,” I say, leaning and giving the  redhead next to me a kiss. “Sweetheart, you and your friend will take care of my brother, right?” I smile, and she melts.
“Yes, of course,” she says, rising. Layern takes her hand and with the other woman they head for the door. It’s getting late. I will stay until she leaves; I really need to see what I’m up against.

Well if that doesn't pull you in.... Until next time Readers Check out Solease M. Barner at the Venues Below!! And Don't forget about our Review Here!

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The In Dreams... Series, The Roads Trilogy, is the accumulation of almost eight years of writing. Begun in 2006 after a D&D campaign

ended S.I.Hayes took the world and created the Unavoidable Road. It took five years as

Shannon spent many months at a time in an undiagnosed Bi-Polar fog.

In 2010, she finally found the help she needed and she has been writing feverishly ever since

The first book wast over 130,000 words, so she decided that it needed to be smaller if only tonot scare readers away form an unknown book that was so thick.

Thus the first trilogy was born.

In between she became the CoAuthor to Awakenings: The Wrath Saga, a Paranormal Drama likened to Big Brother Meets The Real World, of the Preternatural, Several blogs and her own website. S.I.Hayes.com.