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#MondayBlogs #131PreviewReview #WROTM Welcomes VERLIEGE Author Micheal Rivers @micheal_rivers @shannonihayes

The 131 Preview Review Welcomes 

Micheal Rivers

BESTSELLING PARANORMAL THRILLER AUTHOR MICHEAL RIVERS won 1st Place Runner up at The Paranormal Awards 2014 and has won Supernatural Book of the Year 2012.
Micheal Rivers is the pseudonym for Mike Baugham. His Cherokee heritage prompted him to honor his great-grandfather and write under the name of Rivers. He grew up near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His love of the sea and all it has to offer was the driving force of his first novel The Black Witch. As a child, he became aware of the supernatural world due to several experiences. A recognized authority as a paranormal investigator with more than thirty years of research, teaching classes and giving speeches provides his readers with some of his experiences woven into his paranormal thrillers. He is the lead investigator for the Smokey Mountain Ghost Trackers.
His works include supernatural thrillers, literary fiction and ghost story anthologies published by Schiffer Publishing. Micheal is a USMC veteran and served during Vietnam. The passions in his life are his wife, family, Boxer Delilah affectionately known as DeeDee, and the great outdoors.ed.

Good evening!!

hello how are you

I'm doing great! And happy to have this opportunity to talk to you! How are you?

Doing well having a really nice day here today so I have spent the majority of it at the keyboard

I know that feeling! I've been glued to mine for that last few days.
Are you writing a sequel to something I may have read recently??

I have four manuscripts in the works so busy is not the worst I can say LOL
I have a sequel for Te black Witch in the works etc

Ahh,. Four manuscripts all at once sounds like a man with a passion!

Yeah I have too much in my head to let any of it take a rest

I see that, you've written quite a few books in the past few years. Including Verliege, which I have just written the review for.

Yes Thank you for the review. I have a layout for a sequel to it. I haven't started yet. I have a lot I have not finished or released as of yet.

Nothing wrong with having unfinished work. If it was all finished what would we write about?? You're quite welcome for the review.

I am sure I would come up with something else. The ideas never seem to end.

I see some of your work has a paranormal bend including Verliege. It's a ghost story but also something of a Who-done-it. Did you have to do a ton of research for it or just go off on the fly?

Actually some of the paranormal happenings derived from actual investigations I have been involved in. Others naturally were an embellishment. I built the castle from four different castles and added some things I needed in there for the story. One of the spots in the castle is modeled after a courtyard in Italy.

Very cool. I didn't realize you were into paranormal investigations. That's not something you just get into. Are you sensitive to vibrations or were you just curious about it?

I am a sensitive yes. I have been investigating for over thirty years. Curiosity? I want the answers to questions nobody can satisfactorily answer upon the evidence that has been seen. I have photographs and other things that pretty much astound the mind.

That is wonderful. To be able to do something like that. I don't have it, but my mom sometimes feels and sees things. Best I can do is tell when someone I now is pregnant before they do. I always wanted to be able to be a part of something like investigating. The real stuff, not like they do on T.V., it makes a joke out of something that rally has a wonder and meaning to those who really can feel what others can not. Sorry on a rant, lots of coffee today.
Is this something you include your family in or is it what you do for you?

I have a team in Chicago as well as North Carolina. The three main people are my wife and Lisa Monteith. My wife is really good at it I must say. She was not a believer until we got together and now she has seen and heard things that has peaked her interest as well.

That is awesome! To have something like that to share.

I have so many interest at times it is hard to keep up with any of them.

I see you've also written some folklore, is that tied to you're native American roots
I'm pretty easy as far as interesting things, if it doesn't have an answer I'm pretty much for it

Yes, some of it is. Others are stories I have investigated through the years until I was satisfied about how much was truth and how much was embellished during the time it was passed down to others. The world is a place filled with wonderment and things we will never understand. I wish I could live a lot longer just to get some more answers as well as the experiences.

I'm with you there. I believe singly that there are far more truths than we will ever be able to uncover in out life times. Its wonderful that you've been proactive in trying to find some of them and more do that you have shared them
Auto-correct fails... lol

I have always believed the world is not black and white. You miss more by traveling down a straight road than do admiring the curves. Always look outside the box that is where the treasures are hidden. I hate auto-correct.

I like to try and forget the box when I can Its a freeing exercise

As the man says "there is no such thing as a simple flower." You are correct, there is a lot of freedom there.

Your writing name is in honor of your native roots, did you always know you would write under it or did it just shorts happen based on what you were writing

It happened and I really can't place a time when it was officially decided. It just fit and I went with it. I will be writing some things under my real name in the future.

I did see that, mentioned in your bio. Why the name change? it seems the Rivers name has brought you some success. 1st Place Runner up at The Paranormal Awards 2014, and a win for the Supernatural Book of the Year 2012 just to name 2

My wife wants me to write under my real name. I wanted to stay with Rivers, but she thinks it is the right move to make. I wonder at times if its the name or the work? I have won a lot of awards including an editor's choice. Do you think I should stay with the Rivers brand? I believe it should be what the readers desire.

I go with the old adage "if it ain't broke... don't fix it." If you swap names you'll have to name drop just to get readership, why waste that energy if you are already known as Micheal Rivers. But rally in the end it's up to you. What  you want. know what I mean?

Yeah I believe so. When it comes to business I am not a mastermind and the field of writing is a complicated business at times. Never easy for sure. The amount of time spent writing and social networking etc takes a toll. There are so many times when you need to be writing that you have to time away from that for the business end of things. If I added all the hours and the hours of any assistance There would be an overage in the hours of the week.

What would you like to see written?

I get you. I lag in the social media end of things. I tend to fall super short, but I have health issues that take me away. It's about balance and I'm still finding my footing. If you man from you, as to that question, I'm going to have to get back to you. I want to rad some more of your work, the folklore looks rather intriguing. If i had to say something to that now I'd say something in that vein. there isn't enough new work in that category.
Not nearly enough and there are so many cultures to explore!

I have another on folklore but nowhere near completion. I have a lot more research to do before I can.
Appalachian took a year of research and filtering before I could release it.

That's the thing about non/fiction, fiction. The RESEARCH!! I have a couple of pure paranormal pieces but I have a hankering for some semblance of reality so I have to research the background for historical time lines. It sometimes bogs me down to the point that ia don't want to even look at it for months at a time.
It's the world building pieces that Ii fly through it seems. Do you enjoy that aspect of the straight fiction work, the building of worlds people have not seen?

Yes that will happen. Also be careful of historical time lines because there have been so many publications for research purposes that have been found to be incorrect. Everything I write is modeled after actual people I know and their personalities. I was once told by a reader that nobody falls in love quickly. I found yes some people not only fall that fast but spend the rest of their lives totally dedicated to each other. There is always something people do not know or the understanding of the situation cannot be fathomed in their process. I like fiction and non fiction both. Fiction always has a grain of truth. Nonfiction in a lot of cases is far stranger than fiction.
Building a world no-one has seen is always a challenge.

I completely agree with you. And I have found quite a bit of conflict in some texts as to history. I've decided that if I compare four or five different sources  and they agree anywhere that is what I will twist to my advantage in my own work. I do hope it helps. LOL I noticed that you are/ have been published through Schiffer Publishing, are they a small press or am I just out of the loop?  I like the challenge, my sci-fi/fantasy novels are laced with a little of this and that which my reader can latch onto but then tossed with the strange and unlikely. at least that's what I tell myself. LOL

Schiffer is a medium house. They first became famous for coffee table books for antiques and other things. You can find their books just about everywhere. They branched out into other territories gaining a larger name.

Ah, and what would you say to someone looking to publish traditionally? Any words of wisdom? I find that writing a synopsis is the hardest thing on the planet next to that hook line!!

I would have to say discover if your work is sufficient to pass the house for what what they are looking for from a writer. Then be prepared to write what they want you to write, not what you want to write. You can only gain full control on your content as an independent author. Most houses these days are forcing writers to do what they should be doing as far as being the sales force behind your work. If you have to the promoting and they get the lion's share why take the risk. On the other hand the houses let a lot of talent slip through their fingers because that particular writer doesn't have a name yet.

If you have the talent you will succeed.

That is some really good advice. It just takes one to hit, I hear that from others. I'd like to go traditional, but I don't want to write for them, which is my fear. It's kept me from doing it so far. But the opportunity to get the work in front of more people is the draw for me. It's not aout money, though it's a nice perk. I love telling stories, i just wish i had the name so more people would read them. 

The name will come when the time is right.  Keep getting your work into as many hands as possible and if you are what they are looking for they will have you where you want to be. The public decides what they want in a writer. Social media as well as getting out to see your readers is mandatory. Your readers want to know you as well as your work.

Well you certainly seem to have the attitude in the best of places!  Now before we wind down for the night so i can start editing this up for Tuesday is there anything else you would like to share with our readers here tonight?
Advice, an excerpt of something you're excited about, a dirty limerick?

If I said my favorite quote I would be drawn and quartered before sunrise so.....
My best advice to anyone who wants to be a writer is be true to yourself and never give away your work.

You mean unless it's for a review I hope.   Cuz otherwise I'm terribly guilty. As for drawing and quartering unless it's racist, language isn't a problem 

I'm not fascist by a long shot LOL Reviews are a whole new ball game. I try not to write something that will get some child in trouble because he thought it was cool. LOL
Spell-correct is running amuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fascist, raciest, I don't think you wanna come off as either so it still worked.. !!!
I keep my blog 17+ . I tend to say Fuck a lot. Not tonight, but often enough.

If I controlled my language I wouldn't be able to speak.

I hear you!!! Mouth like a sailor some nights! You being a former marine I can imagine what can come outta your mouth!

I have great comebacks for those children who have a bad case of nasty mouth so it all works out in the end. I blame it on an over done diet of junk food.

But that's a whole other topic, perhaps another time.

Yep for sure.

I'll have to have yo back when I have a chance to read Appalachia Mountain Folklore.
It's next on my to read for pleasure list. Which is far shorter than my TBR for The 131 Preview Review!! So it may take a bit but I would love to have you back!!

Enjoyed talking with you and wish you all the best. We can talk anytime you wish so don't be a stranger.

Most certainly!! And Thank yo so much for letting me Interview you for the 131 Preview Review!  Take care. And have a great night

You to and thank you.

You're quite welcome!


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In 2010, she finally found the help she needed and she has been writing feverishly ever since

The first book wast over 130,000 words, so she decided that it needed to be smaller if only tonot scare readers away form an unknown book that was so thick.

Thus the first trilogy was born.

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